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The Adventures of a Big White Guy in Hong Kong. Practically next door. What's New, Pussycat? is the website of one Miss Shauny from Canberra, Australia, now in Edinburgh. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, always entertaining. The Bear's Cave. Life in Colorado and other states. Insightful, humorous accounts from author James Lileks. The very best site on the Internet as far as I am concerned. The website of my friend Simon in beautiful Perth, Australia. Wendy has a sense of humor not unlike mine. Cynical and funny. Little. Yellow. Different. Ernie. Eric gets around. Prince Roy's Realm. I used to study Chinese with this guy. Now he's all grown up and diplomatic. The webabode of my good friend ClarThe Taipei Kid Doubting to Shuo The website of Brendan  O'Kane, Disoriented in the Orient John Pasden's Chinese resource site The blog of my college roommate DJ


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The Real News from the Renegade Province Several live, streaming views from around Taiwan.


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All the news and interesting programs from Indian country back in the states Unvarnished radio, pure and simple. The widest ranging station I've come across. All Kinds o' radio...Secret Agent's not bad.

Art, pictures, calandars...absolutely everything Tolkien. Live from New York, it's....people walking around in the snow and rain and traffic and stuff.

Mars has always been a favorite subject with me. Go, explore. "Lost America", facinating night photography of uniquely American ruins.

Sluggy Freelance: The best comic since Bloom County...start from the beginning.


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