Close-up of the dial on my old dial phone A rainy day at the temple. An empty wineglass at our Wei-ya party Lanterns on a streetlamp Bitan at night, when all the swanboats are tied up and couples sit on the riverbank. Just a random cook on his break out behind a restaurant in Taipei. The ferris wheel out in Xizhi at night. Red neon reflecting on a red car. I took this to try to cheer her up, but it didn't work. The street next to my alley, at night. A restaurant in Xindian at night. An old sign on Fuxing South Road in Taipei. A shop front in Xindian at night. The Xindian River, swollen after a typhoon. Those metal balls you throw as part of a game. My friend Sandy's guitar, the day he bought it, just before the first gig he played it at. The dragon statue in front of a temple in Taoyuan A simple picture of a building in Taipei on a fine afternoon; I like the light. A really long, narrow alley just saved by sunlight. Is this a bong? I'm not sure. A night view of a cross-island bus from  the MRT platform. The Taipei Water Treatment Park, at night. A Taipei alley at night Under the Bitan Overpass at night. Looking across the Xindian River to Ankeng. Basketball at sunset, along the Xindian River. This is a half-finished temple in the mountains outside of Sanxia. In a van on the way to a film shoot, at oh-my-god early in the morning. A candle at a temple in Ankeng. At an artsy fartsy party in Taipei. Couldn't mix, so I shot instead. An onramp in Xindian at twilight.  (78k) Fishermen just beyond the  dam in Xindian. (108k) An overpass on the Xindian River at twilight. (54k) The tallest building in the world, Taipei 101, (105k) From atop the pedestrian overpass near the Taipei Train station at night (76.7k) Along the Danshui River at dusk (74.7k) Sidewalk along Tihua Street in Old Taipei (109k) Businessman waiting for noodley lunch (107k) An apartment complex along the Xindian River at night, and it's reflection in a puddle (101k) Burning ghost money  (111k) I don't know why I like this's such a desolate depiction of dawn. (57k) A basketball court along the Jingmei River in Muzha (118k) A solitary vendor sets up on a busy yet lonely streetcorner.  (83k) The Mitsukoshi Department Store presides over the old and the new.  (71k) A montage-like reflection of a typical Taiwanese street scene, in a bus window. (92k) A red car parked outside a red Chinese restaurant at night. (88k) A back alley in Taipei, just as a sunny day began to turn into a rainy one. (46k) Lazing around on a Green Island beach. (96k) The stairwell of an abandoned hotel on Green Island, off the southeast coast of Taiwan. (77k) The roof of a prison on Green Island, off the southeast coast of Taiwan. (81k) A really nicely polished incense burner at the Long-shan Temple in Taipei. Yeah, that's me in the reflection. (77k) One of many hawkers at a park near my place at night. (51k) Just a stone bench near my office one rainy night. (69k) The gas tank of an old motorcycle parked in front of my office building one cloudy late afternoon. (65k) A reflection in the brass incense burner at a temple. (53k) On the bank of the Danshui River at night. (65k) An abstract of a truck in an alley at night.(92k) revellers on the banks of the Danshui River. (59k) I have no idea why this sink was out in the middle of a field, but I have to admit it looked great there. (104k) In an old brickmaking factory in Puli, in Central Taiwan. (87k) During the fireworks festival in Yanshui, in Southern Taiwan. They shoot fireworks _at_ you here, thus the raingear...(20k) Sweaty cooks in an alleyway restaurant not far from where I live. Delicious! (32k) I took this at a pond at the University of Western Australia (70k) Blue penguins at Perth Zoo (54k) At the wacky Museum of Australia in Canberra  (52k) Muddy water collects in the Swan River at a rocky section (103k) The flagpole atop the Parliament House in Canberra (57k) The Melbourne skyline at night (51k) People watch the giant fireballs at the riverside park in Melbourne (63k) This otter looks happy to see me. (43k) The sun sets over the Yarra River in Melbourne (29k) Glistening ironwork outside the St. Mary cathedral in Sydney at night (77k) The St. Mary cathedral in Sydney at night (55k) People in Sydney's streets look like ants from Centrepoint Tower (94k) A wierd shot of sunset reflections in Melbourne (46k) Water flows under a bridge in Singapore (82k) "Keep still!" "Oh, I hate being measured for suits!"  Taken at the Perth Zoo (55k) The Sydney Harbour Bridge, late afternoon (106k) The Sydney Opera House (81k) My berthmate Shane takes a picture as the Indian Pacific stops in Broken Hill, Australia (83k) An abandoned car in Cook, Australia. This is about as far out in the middle of nowhere as you can get. (68) Just outside of Cook, Australia. (104k) The old and the new in downtown Sydney (73k) You'd think the zoo staff would know their animals. (43k) A bench in Sydney's Hyde Park at night (65k) This little guy running across the frame really made this picture. Taken at Manley Beach in Australia (129k) The sunset outside my friend's apartment in Sydney (20k) Bottlebrushes in Perth (95k) A building on the campus of the Univeristy of Western Australia (75k) An old-style house in my neighborhood  at night. (61k) It's like Tetris, but with cars. (50k) The journey of a leaf. (103k) Clouds at sunse over Taipei. (46k) A man waits for the light to change on a rainy night.(67k) A small streetcorner temple near where I live.(111k) Bundles of ghost money and the reflection of a building.(51k) A man and his truck at a construction site.(68k) I took this on the ferry from Kaohsiung to Macau. Needless to say, the food on the 25-hour trip was some of the worst I have ever had.(146k) Close-up of cut bamboo. (145k) Watching TV during some leisure time in the mess hall.(263k) My father got my mother a 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 for their anniversary in 1982. (148k) Bubbles in a fish tank. In Kaohsiung, if you must know.(209k) Just a liquor cabinet.(153k) Candles in a Taoist temple near Tamshui.(259k) One of my best friends, Clar.(151k) The mountains surrounding Taroko Gorge, near Hualien.(133k) The intricate carved columns in a temple in Sanhsia, a little town south of Taipei.(308k) The barrier wall of Kaohsiung Harbor. Guess which side is inside it.(269k) The Qingdao ferry docks.(138k) The doors of a teahouse in Peitou, home to mountain streams and hot springs.(293k) An old guy playing his Erhu on his porch. I took this from the highway on the way to Cheng-ching Lake in Kaohsiung.(61k) I have no idea what this guy is doing. Taken at Kaohsiung Harbor.(261) The walls surrounding our army base in Miaoli had wire and broken glass embedded on top of it. It caught the sun just right at sunset.(196k) More glass and barbed wire.(245k) Taken from behind the Grand Hotel, facing south towards downtown Taipei.(158k) One guy can't get his helmet on quick enough, and I catch the moment for eterneity. Taken at Chenggongling in Taichung.(144k) Preserved architecture in Kinmen. Many of the houses had doors like this.(243k) This picture of two guys sitting next to the character for "wine" could have been taken a hundred years ago.(128k) This kid was apparently some sort of messenger for one of the shops outside our base in Miaoli.(204k) This wonderful old lady told us many stories about the history of Kinmen during our visit there.(210k) Lake Maitland in Florida. Taken from Kraft Gardens.(155k) Monks brave the wind to catch the view from the cliffs at Kenting.(371k) I took this not long after the first MRT line was completed in Taipei.(182k) Neon signs lite up in a Hsinchu alleyway at night.(305k) My trumpet lying on a piece of music.(160k) The packing room at a shoe factory in Kaiping, Guangdong Province.(281k) An old geographic marker in a rice field near Kaohsiung.(321k) The rushing, swirling waters of Taroko Gorge.(245k) The back of a truck.(171k) The sea, as seen from the side of the Qingdao ferry on its way to Huangdao.(153k) The beach at Shalun, near Tamshui.(309k) The Hualien beach at night. The light at sea is a cargo ship.(242k) Learning a military song in the barracks at night. One of my more pleasant memories of the army.(243k) Sunset at Chengching Lake.(269k) The beach at Fulong.(136k) The murky waters of a swamp in Florida. I used to swim in that stuff.(147k) Lights out, but still some time for instant noodles in the barracks after taps.(216k) Part of the carvings on a temple in the mountains near Taipei.(375k) Close-up of an old tire.(162k) My adopted sister and her grandmother just before the former's wedding in Hsinchu.(124k) Workers build a house in Huangdao, near Qingdao.(155k) The ROC flag, atop 9-5 mountain just outside Taipei. (55k) The remains of a merry-go-round at a long-abondoned amusement park in Hsintien. (73k) Amazing beauty along the banks of the equally amazing pollution in the Tamshui river in Taipei. (57k) Close-up of the intricate carvings the sea performs on the sand at Shalun beach. (242k) A view of Taipei at sunset from the mountains to the east of the city. (207k) Another view of Taipei, this time from the hills to the south. (221k) The traditional Tamshui sunset picture. (235k) A tree in Taipei at sunset, lit by a streetlamp. (260k) This restaurant was just begging for a picture. Taken in Tamshui. (257K) Abstract shot across the river. (48k) My motorcycle on a street next to the floodwall. (157k) The sunset across the Tamshui. (157k) In the cave of the Eight Immortals at Tianbao Temple. (98k) The place for burning incense for the Dragon king behind the Tianbao Temple. (45k) East meets West. Taken near the Chiyen MRT station in Taipei.(83k) The newly rennovated North Gate in Taipei.(85k) Neon runs through Taipei's veins at night.(89k) A close up of the plaque in front of the 2-28 peace memorial in Taipei.(97k) The entire 2-28 plaque. It was thrown into a nearby pond on the day it was inaugerated and then fished out.(84k) The 2-26 Peace Park at night. It's really eerie.(72k) I couldn't help but notice this sign which reads "Magicians Club" in Chinese. I sincerely hope that this doesn't have anything to do with Harry Potter.(66k) A view of Taipei from Elephant Mountain.(38k) A night shot north up Kuanchien Road.(45k) The old Taipei main post office at night. (84k) A couple of the fortune tellers who sit outside the museum at night. (77k) The sun about to rise across the park. Taken from my balcony. (33k)

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